Glass Bowl/Slider
It all starts with a high quality glass Honeycomb, martini style bowl/slider for improved taste and easier cleaning.

Stage 1
First, your inhalation passes through 100% Virgin Activated Coconut Carbon that is used to reduce or eliminate the deadly tars and deadly carcinogens.

Stage 2
Next your inhalation passes through Percs that creates tiny smoke bubbles to help further filter out carcinogens and cool your inhalation.

Stage 3
Then, your inhalation passes through “clean” water, cleaning your inhalation by striping the surface of the smoke bubble and smoothing the inhalation by cooling down the hot smoke.

Stage 4
Last, your inhalation passes through our Certified 100% Organic Cotton. This is the final filtration process that traps and filters out deadly Pesticides.

Glass Mouthpiece
It ends with a custom mouthpiece that has been designed for maximum flow, improved taste and easier cleaning.


McFinns Original Triple Filtration Glass Bubbler


The Compact Triple Filtered Glass Bubbler


Carbon/Cotton Triple Filtered Glass Bubbler