Who We Are

Our mission is to enable the highest quality, healthiest and most enjoyable smoking experience by developing and manufacturing best-in-class inhalation devices for both medicinal and recreational use.

Led by a seasoned team with more than 50 years combined experience in glass blowing and manufacturing, we are proud to bring American-made products to market, with health, quality and artistry always top-of-mind.

SI was founded in 2009 by veterans of the glass-blowing industry with a reputation for producing high quality products. The team saw an opportunity to bring to market a cleaner, healthier way to smoke, and thus began the development of the industry’s first, and only, premium filtration device.

The SI headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the Sierra Foothills, just 1.5 hours outside Sacramento, California.

Developing the Cleanest, Healthiest Smoking Experience

A healthier, cleaner smoke means the reduction or elimination of deadly carcinogens and pesticides entering your body.  We are the creators of the industry’s first, and only, premium filtration device designed to do just that.

Created back in 2009, our filtered product line uses a revolutionary system that helps extract tars and impurities so you can enjoy a cleaner, cooler inhalation.

The triple filtered process starts with 100% Virgin Coconut Carbon.  As smoke enters the carbon filter tube and passes through the carbon, the filtration process has started. Then as the smoke enters the water it is diffused and additional impurities are removed from the surface of the many small smoke bubbles.  Last, as the smoke passes through our 100% Organic Cotton, it is filtered for the third time to remove further impurities.

This unique system filters out between 75% and 100% of pesticides and carcinogens resulting in the healthiest way to enjoy every inhalation.  And it’s backed by independent research.

We know your health is your wealth.  So when you want to inhale, choose a filtration device that provides the healthiest, smoothest, freshest experience, all without losing the potency of the smoke.

Executive Team

Victor Gallicchio


Chris Farrell

Vice President