For those that enjoy the smoking experience…

Our devices filter out between 75% and 100%

of pesticides and carcinogens.

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A healthier, cleaner smoke means the reduction or elimination of deadly carcinogens and pesticides entering your body.

Scientific Inhalations is the creator of the industry’s first, and only, premium filtration device designed to do just that.

Created back in 2009, our filtered product line uses a revolutionary system that helps extract tars and impurities so you can enjoy a cleaner, cooler inhalation.

This unique system results in the healthiest way to enjoy every inhalation.  And it’s backed by independent research.

We know your health is your wealth.  So when you want to inhale, choose a filtration device that provides the healthiest, smoothest, freshest experience, all without losing the potency.

Glass Bowl/Slider

It all starts with a high quality, 18mm Honeycomb, martini style bowl/slider.

  • Glass on Glass
  • Easy to Switch Bowls
  • Improves Taste
  • Easier Cleaning

Stage 1

First, your inhalation passes through 100% Virgin Activated Coconut Carbon. Very important as it is used to reduce or eliminate the deadly tars and deadly carcinogens.

Carbon Filter Tube

  • Glass on Glass
  • Standard or Ultra Length
  • Used for Cotton or Carbon

Stage 2

Next your inhalation passes through a total of 4 Percs with 8 Slits. This further helps to filter out carcinogens by creating tiny smoke bubbles which cools your inhalation.

Four Stem Perc

  • Used to Cool the Smoke
  • Makes the Inhalation Smoother
  • The Slots Create Diffusion

Stage 3

Then, your inhalation passes through “clean” water, cleaning your inhalation by striping the surface of the smoke bubbles.


  • Used to clean and smooth the inhalation by cooling down the hot smoke.

Stage 4

Last, your inhalation passes through our Certified 100% Organic Cotton. This is the final filtration process that traps and filters out deadly Pesticides.

Carbon Filter Tube

  • Glass on Glass
  • Standard or Ultra Length
  • Used for Cotton or Carbon

Glass Mouthpiece

It ends with an 18mm custom mouthpiece that has been designed for maximum flow…


  • Glass on Glass
  • Designed for Maximum Flow
  • Improves Taste
  • Easier Cleaning

Get the Facts

With our independent report from The Werc Shop

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Eliminating Carcinogens


Scientific Inhalations partnered with the Werc Shop to test the effectiveness of McFinn’s Triple-Filtered Water Pipe in eliminating harmful contaminants found in combusted medical cannabis vapor.

Gas chromatography was selected in order to sensitively identify a large breadth of volatile chemicals known to be present in smoke vapors.  The chromatograph shown above compares the level of chemicals present in smoke from medical cannabis passed through a McFinn Triple-Filtered Water Pipe with the filter system in place, and without.

The unique filtering system clearly removes multiple potentially harmful components from the medical cannabis smoke vapor, including two chemicals identified as pyrocatechol and naphthalene, both listed as cancer causing chemicals in CA Proposition 65. While these compounds, and many others like them, were found to be present in small amounts, repeated exposure to these chemicals may lead to build-up and harmful effects over time. The McFinn Triple-Filtered Water Pipe is scientifically proven to provide a safer, healthier option for your medical needs by eliminating these toxic compounds found through inhalation.

Eliminating Pesticides


Scientific Inhalations partnered with the Werc Shop to test the effectiveness of McFinn’s Triple-Filtered Water Pipe in reducing pesticide that may be found in the stream of medical cannabis smoke vapor.

Since cannabis products are currently grown and prepared by numerous entities that may be subject to no regulatory oversight, there is a potential risk that toxic levels of pesticide residues may be unknowingly consumed by patients. The graph shown above illustrates the relative amount of pesticide residues recovered from the smoke stream passed through a simple hand-held glass pipe and a McFinn Triple-Filtered Waterpipe, with the filter system in place, and without.

While vaporizing provides a relatively healthy way to inhale, boiling point data calculations show that many deadly chemicals have vaporizing points lower than THC and CBD. Without the use of filters on these devices there is a potential to inhale with the vapor these chemicals that would be greatly reduced or eliminated with the use of the SI filtering system.

Between the different devices used, it is clearly evident that McFinn’s Triple Filtered Waterpipe removed more pesticides in the smoke stream, leading to a more healthier smoke and more confidence when considering what you may or may not want to inhale with your medication.

HindawiResearch Article

Determination of Pesticide Residues in Cannabis Smoke

Journal of Toxicology

Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 378168, 6 pages

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“I love what Scientific Inhalations is doing for the everyday smoker. With the growing MJ community and influx of Cannabis growers, we encounter flowers that have been sprayed, soaked, and who knows what, in harsh chemicals or pesticides, so its important to take precaution when we are consuming cannabis regularly.”… Read More

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The researchers determined that as much as 60.3 percent to 69.5 percent of chemical residues would be inhaled with a hand-held glass pipe, but as little as 0.08 percent to 10.9 percent got through with a filtered water pipe.

“When you filter, you see a dramatic reduction in the amount of pesticides,” said Raber… Read More